Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of projects are you interested in?

We are interested in projects in theology and philosophy of religion that intersect with questions about experience, evidence, inference to the best explanation, and confirmation. We hope that potential participants will, in their project description, explain why they think a deeper understanding of scientific practice will enhance their project. Some examples of potential questions are:  

  • What counts as evidence for claims in theology and philosophy of religion? 
  • How do we understand the content and meaning of theological or religious terms? Do we gather our understanding of these terms from experience? 
  • What role do models play in theology? Is doctrine best thought of as a kind of model? Or is it something else? 
  • Can experience confirm or infirm theological claims? 
  • Are there multiple, distinctive strands of evidence used in theology? What are they? 
  • Can scientific evidence be used as support for theological views? 

This school will also be useful for theologians and philosophers of religion who desire to engage with concrete scientific findings in their research. We welcome projects that seek a better understanding of scientific practice to enhance their engagement with scientific literature. Some examples of this approach are: 

  • Projects that engage concepts of flourishing in psychology and want to clarify how it is measured or modeled
  • Projects that engage theological interpretations of particular scientific models, such as neurological or diagnostic models of mental health conditions
Who can apply?

The seminar is aimed at early to mid-career theologians and philosophers of religion with a current institutional affiliation. Preference will be given to applicants with a Ph.D, but advanced graduate students will be considered.

What is Included?

Lodging and meals during the synchronous sessions will be covered. In addition, participants will receive $4,000.00 upon completion of the synchronous portion of the seminar. Opportunities for additional funding will follow the seminar.

Can I attend the summer seminar multiple years?

Unfortunately, participants are only allowed to attend one seminar.