Request for Proposals:

Integrating Philosophy of Science and Theology

SET Foundations is pleased to announce funding for institutions that wish to create a new course offering that integrates contemporary philosophy of science into a philosophy of religion or theology course. We will award up to two prizes of $25,000. While individuals are welcome to apply on behalf of their institution, prize money will be awarded to the institution not the individual.

Applications Due: May 1, 2023

Notified: June 1, 2023

Application must include:

  • A course description
  • A syllabus
  • An impact statement which describes to whom/how often the course would be taught, and the potential impact the course would have on the program, the institution, and/or broader communities
  • A description of how the prize money would help with the implementation of the course
  • W9 tax form (if University is based in the U.S.)
  • W-8BEN-E (if University is based outside the U.S.)