Meghan Page

Meghan D. Page

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Loyola University Maryland

Meghan Page is the PI of SET Foundations and an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. Her research in philosophy of science centers on paleoclimatology, particularly questions about indirect evidence, the construction of historical narratives, and models of the past. Her work in philosophy of religion uses scientific conceptual frameworks to elucidate, extend or challenge prevailing philosophical models of concepts like faith and divine creativity.


Angela Caruso

Grant Administrator
SET Foundations
Loyola University Maryland

Angela Caruso is the Grant Administrator of SET Foundations. She received her M.S. from Hood College in Environmental Biology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She focused her studies on global climate change and marine ecosystems. Before coming onto the project she was the Engagement Manager at Whitaker Center.

Board of Directors

Alisa Bokulich

Alisa Bokulich

Professor of Philosophy
Director, Center for Philosophy & History of Science
Boston University
David Fergusson

David Fergusson

Regius Professor of Divinity
University of Cambridge

Alan Love

Alan C. Love

John M. Dolan Professor of Philosophy
Director of the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science
University of Minnesota

James Woodward

James F. Woodward

Distinguished Professor in History and Philosophy of Science
University of Pittsburgh


Rebekah Eklund

Rebekah Eklund

Associate Professor of Theology
Loyola University Maryland

Jennifer S. Jhun

Jennifer Jhun

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Duke University

Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver

Van Mildert Professor of Divinity
Durham University